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Intel-native DNSTran now available for Mac OS X

Jerry Stratton, April 20, 2011

DNSTran is now up to 1.5.4, and as of that version is Intel-native. That brings the Rosetta apps I want to run down to two. While at this point it looks like Richard Schreyer’s Notes and Mark Widholm’s MathPad will never be updated, they’re not as old as the previous version of DNSTran was, so who knows?

And yes, I’m still using Analog for web log analysis, which is why I need a tool like DNSTran. Thanks, Jason.

In response to iMac Core i7 (with forks): Fast. Big. Beautiful. Choose any three. Now, if anyone knows of replacements for Notes, DNSTran, or MathPad, I’d love to hear about it.