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Comic-Con Dining

Jerry Stratton, July 18, 2006

With Comic-Con coming up this week I’m starting to get hits from people searching for information. I have nothing about this year’s comic-con (yet), but I do have one useful resource if you are a late-night con-goer. I maintain the San Diego Dining After Midnight web page.

The web page looks like crap, but it has useful information if you’re looking for a place to eat in San Diego after the midnight parties, movies, and other sessions. It contains only restaurants that serve food after midnight at least one night a week. For quick access from downtown, look at the downtown section as well as the Hillcrest section. Hillcrest is a quick taxi ride up the hill from downtown. (It’s a quick bus ride, too, but the busses shut down before midnight here.)

South Park and Coronado are also very close.

Download and print the PDF for a simple one-sheet (two page) listing of late-night San Diego eating places.

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