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Anything less than school choice is unfair

Jerry Stratton, October 9, 2019

Occupy Democrats: Why We Need School Choice: “Occupy Democrats: Why we need school choice.” Tanya McDowell, Felicity Huffman.; educational diversity; school choice; Occupy Democrats

Even Occupy Democrats sees how unfair it is to deny school choice.

The unfairness of government monopolies is impossible to deny. The latest Occupy Democrats meme to hit my Facebook feed decries the unfairness of putting a mother in jail for the crime of… exercising school choice.

According to Occupy Democrats, Tanya McDowell went to jail for five years because she lied about her district in order to get her child into a better school.

Ignore for the moment that the real reason McDowell went to jail is for selling drugs. Under conservative proposals for school choice, their hypothetical McDowell wouldn’t have had to lie about where she lived to send her child to a better school. Lying about her address would never have had to be a part of that plea bargain. Even as a homeless person she could have sent her child to whatever district she wanted, and her child’s portion of school funds would have followed that choice.

The choice of district is one of the simplest forms of school choice that conservatives support.

The unfairness of our current government-run school system is so obvious that even the far left, pro-big-government, Occupy Democrats can’t resist using it to highlight the blatant racism of the system.

Because it is blatantly racist. Whenever Democrats criminalize school choice, they’re always criminalizing the choice of underserved communities, the choice of poorer parents, the choice of minority children. When Democrats shut down school choice options, they are almost always school choice options that save predominantly minority communities from failing schools.

It wasn’t Republicans who cancelled the DC Voucher program. It was Democrats, under President Obama—who sent his own children to a very expensive private school.

It’s Democrats who keep criminalizing school choice, who trap children in failing schools, who continually force parents to throw good money after bad instead of allowing parents to choose what school best fits their children. Instead of letting parents decide. The hardest thing for politicians to do is to let us make our own decisions. It is the nature of politics that politicians think they know better than us what we need; making our choices for us is why they got into politics.

And eventually, they always end up pointing a gun at us to force us to make the choice they think we should make. They always end up putting us in jail for disagreeing with their choices for us.

Support for school choice runs high not just among conservatives but across class and race lines. If Occupy Democrats really wanted to occupy the Democrats and change that party for the better, fixing the government school monopoly would be a great bipartisan choice.

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