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Speedway Bombings

Jerry Stratton, May 25, 2012

If you’re not on Twitter today, you should be. There have been a lot of great blog posts about Brett Kimberlin and the Speedway, Indiana bombings today, and Twitter has been spreading the news. SmallgGay has been Tweeting like a madman and is worth following. Michelle Malkin has also done a great job of publicizing some lesser-known bloggers, including yours truly.

Look in the link list for some of the blog posts that caught my attention, that you might not otherwise have seen.

In particular, I mentioned Carl DeLong in passing in the parent post. Someone named Dustin who created their blog today has written more about Carl and what Carl went through. Michelle Malkin also has a letter from a former Indiana Circuit court judge who used to work with Carl’s daughter. And Greg Allmain goes into more detail about the allegations in the IndyStar that this may have started because of a grandmother’s fear that Kimberlin held “a strange affection” for her pre-teen granddaughter.

In response to Brett Kimberlin abuses a very abuse-friendly court system: Convicted serial bomber Brett Kimberlin is taking advantage of a court system that assumes good faith to harass bloggers doing nothing more than telling the truth about his convictions.

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