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San Diego Pro-Choice and the Meaning of Life

Jerry Stratton, March 17, 2012

Radical Feminists protest life: Radical Feminist Socialist Workers protest on March 16, 2012 outside of Culture of Life for misleading advertising.; San Diego; abortion; Occupy Wall Street

Socialist Workers? From the protest event Facebook page.

Occupy San Diego is as lazy as ever; they protested a family services organization yesterday outside of Scripps-Mercy Hospital1 here in Hillcrest for just a two-hour period. I can’t find any reporting on it except for the one announcement on the community Reader, and that didn’t even get the Facebook link right. I didn’t even see it—my girlfriend came back from a walk, asked me if I knew anything about it, and handed me the fliers they’d given her. We went by later, but they were already gone.

According to their fliers, their complaint is that a family services organization at a Catholic hospital “like all so-called crisis pregnancy centers, pregnancy centers, and pregnancy resource centers, exists to prevent women from getting abortions and accessing contraception… many pregnancy centers have intentionally misleading titles to disguise their bias against reproductive rights.”

What is the name of this insidious organization luring unsuspecting women into its clutches? Culture of Life. The flier from “The Radical Feminists of Occupy San Diego” says that “Culture of Life has a telling name…”.

Telling? You think maybe honest might be a better word? The Culture of Life web site is filled with pictures of babies, and the welcome text is “Welcome to Culture of Life Family Services! We offer quality Christ-centered medical care.” As I’m writing this today they are advertising two events, one of which is “3rd Annual Pro-Life Gala & Auction”.

The Occupy flier says that this is “an affront to women’s equality. These organizations should not be allowed to use deceptive advertising tactics.” And then complains that “The Culture of Life stocks its office with past newsletters full of articles that promote Catholicism and demonize abortion.”

I think the left has become so used to their own Orwellian names and tactics that they don’t even think about what words mean any more. They expect all names to have as much meaning as “Planned Parenthood”, “family planning”, and “reproductive services”.

It’s like when it turned out searches for abortions didn’t find many abortion clinics on the Apple iPhone. They screamed that Apple Computer—Apple Computer—was part of a right-wing plot, without any thought to the reality that relatively few abortion clinics used the term abortion in either their names or their services.

If you’re going to Culture of Life, you are looking for alternatives to abortion. They aren’t picketing an anti-choice organization. They’re picketing choice.

In response to California 2012: 2012 is going to be a very important election for San Diego. Do we continue to reform the city’s financial state, or do we resume the path to insolvency?

  1. Scripps-Mercy Hospital in Hillcrest is a private, partially-Catholic hospital (Mercy Hospital was started by the Sisters of Mercy in 1890, and merged with Scripps in 1995) with, I’m guessing, the coolest nuns ever: the hospital takes up the entire 4000 block of Fifth Avenue, and they chose 4077 as their address.

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