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Bob Filner’s party

Jerry Stratton, January 27, 2014

I’m tacking this onto the end of California 2013 because I don’t feel like making a California 2014. We’re out of here—for the most part already gone. (I’ll have more to write about that later.) Also, this is a footnote to the 2013 Filner scandal.

We had a visit from the David Alvarez campaign yesterday. Alvarez is the Democrat’s successor for Bob Filner in our special election for mayor. And when I say “we” had a visit, they really just wanted to talk to my girlfriend. She’s registered to receive Democrat ballots here, so they’re assuming she’s a guaranteed voter. The purpose of the visit was to make sure she votes in the February 11 special election.

“We’re not Californians any more. We’ve moved to Texas and won’t even be in California on February 11.”

“Can’t you mail it in?”

Stay classy, San Diego Democratic Party.

In fact, she wouldn’t likely even be a guaranteed Democrat vote—during the last mayoral election she was very supportive of DeMaio. And during the Filner scandal she was very angry at how the Democrats covered for him before the scandal broke and while it was breaking. “Why do they think I’d vote for them after what they did the last time?”

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