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Bob Filner media post-mortem

Jerry Stratton, August 25, 2013

Where in the LA Times is Lori Saldaña?: Lori Saldaña is pretty hard to find in Los Angeles Times articles about Bob Filner.; media bias; Bob Filner; Los Angeles Times

No mention at all of Lori Saldana’s claim on the Los Angeles Times.

Looks like Filner is out. Like the New York Times having to break it to their readers that Donald Manes committed suicide, the press is now having to explain why the mayor of San Diego is resigning when it just wasn’t a big deal until now. And they’re still having a hard time remembering he’s a Democrat. These are the sites I visited from Google News and Memeorandum immediately after the news hit:

  • LA Times: mentioned in second-to-last paragraph.
  • CNN: not mentioned.
  • USA Today: mentioned twice, first in the third paragraph.
  • Time Swampland: mentioned once in third paragraph—listing this twenty-five-year politician as a “first-term Democrat”.
  • UT San Diego: not mentioned.
  • Huffington Post, sourced from AP: not mentioned
  • NBC San Diego: not mentioned.
  • Politico: not mentioned (a search on Democrat indicates it exists 33 times on the page, but none of them are visible)

What’s interesting is how bad it had to be to fall apart for Filner. It was as if a dam broke, and he was just walking around as the water rose around him. And the media just kept pretending there was no water, and even if there was water, that wasn’t a politician drowning in it, and even if it was a politician, it wasn’t a Democrat, and even if it was a Democrat, the water must have been partisan for rising. Even after all their covering for him, Filner had the gall to complain about a “media lynch mob”.

Where in the New York Times is Lori Saldaña?: Filner doesn’t even get a relationship with Zoe Saldana at the New York Times.; New York Times; Bob Filner

Meanwhile, the New York Times doesn’t mention Bob Filner in relation to any Saldana.

It’s no wonder he thought he could get away with it. And it wasn’t just party that was left out of the news reports. Entire parts of the case were left out. Lori Saldana’s accusation that she’d brought this to the attention of the Democratic Party before the 2012 elections and had then been threatened with loss of funding if she went public, were never reported in the national news.

A Google search literally finds no mention of Lori Saldana and Bob Filner in 2013 on the Los Angeles Times, and no mention of Saldana and Filner at all on the New York Times. Because Saldana’s accusations would implicate Democrats as a whole, they were content to leave that as a local issue, as if this scandal was some big surprise to the Democrats and not an orchestrated attempt to bulldoze over these women’s complaints.

Lies of omission are still lies. And in this case they were trying to perpetuate the lie that these were just allegations, not yet worth reporting on. This was a real war on women, perpetrated by Bob Filner and the Democrats, with their allies in the media.

In response to Why isn’t Bob Filner resigning?: Because he thinks he can get away with it—and chances are, he’s right. The watchdog media becomes a lapdog media where Democrats are concerned, especially when those Democrats are in contested areas.

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