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How much is the media ignoring Elizabeth Warren’s problems?

Jerry Stratton, October 11, 2012

Elizabeth Warren law exam search results: On a search for Elizabeth Warren and “passing law exam”, the Walkerville Weekly Reader comes up second.; Google; Walkerville Weekly Reader; Elizabeth Warren

On what should be a common news topic for the Elizabeth Warren/Scott Brown Massachusetts Senate race, the low-traffic Walkerville Weekly Reader comes up second.

Lately I’ve been noticing that my very low-traffic1 satire web site, the Walkerville Weekly Reader, has been getting a lot of hits for searches on common Elizabeth Warren topics. Usually I only get hits for odd search juxtapositions and for image searches. In yesterday’s logs, for example, I got hits for “al gore alcohol” because as far as I know no one is really accusing Gore of having an alcohol problem.2 I also got hits for “I love Ann photo”, I suspect because I label my photos better than most sites.

But I also got hits for the followings searches:

  1. elizabeth warren lawyer representing insurance company
  2. elizabeth warren and travelers insurance
  3. did eluzabeth warren pass the bar exam?3
  4. elizabeth warren and passing law exam

None of those are odd juxtapositions or image searches. They’re legitimate news searches, people trying to find information about real issues with Elizabeth Warren’s status as a lawyer in Massachusetts and her actions representing Travelers Insurance and other insurance companies.

Those are important issues in the Massachusetts senate election. I should be somewhere around page seventy-seven for those searches, but for all except the second, I’m on page one.4 For the first search, I’m the eighth link in the list. For the third, I’m the seventh link, and for the fourth, I’m number two, beat out only by a New York Times keyword page that mentions the Dodd-Frank law passing.

If it were Scott Brown pretending to be Cherokee, potentially pretending to be a lawyer, and fighting to keep insurance companies from having to pay out on claims, there’s no way my little site would get such high rankings.

In response to Election 2012: The Long Hot Summer: For election blogging outside of California.

  1. Yesterday’s log recorded 860 page hits, and that includes robots. Three hundred and sixty-six of those were from the same IP address, of a server hosted in the United Kingdom that is also in a lot of blacklists.

  2. Other than ethanol.

  3. Note that Google auto-fixes the spelling of “Eluzabeth” to “Elizabeth”, nor do I have that misspelling on my page, so it isn’t the uncommon word that brings me to the top of the search results for that search.

  4. For the second search, “elizabeth warren and travelers insurance”, I’m on page three.

  1. <- Scarborough Fair
  2. Disaster death panels ->