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Wisconsin Democrats run on anti-jobs program

Jerry Stratton, April 30, 2012

The Wisconsin recall is an important election. At the moment, it looks like Governor Walker will win, though with the margin of fraud he can definitely use some help. But the left in Wisconsin is panicking, and using “arguments” that are likely to backfire. For example, did you know that one of Walker’s aides worked through college? My god, at a Hooters.

They even use a photo of her that shows a happy, very attractive college-age woman. And they think it reflects poorly on Walker’s administration that one of his aides worked through college as a waitress.

This is not the first time I’ve seen the left using images in ways that betray a very alien worldview.

In the 2006 California governor’s race, the Teacher and Firefighters unions sent out a campaign flyer that had me goggling in cognitive dissonance. First glance said it was a pro-Schwarzenegger ad. Governor Schwarzenegger’s photo showed a determined, thoughtful, strong man looking to the future.1 Whereas the photo of Lou Paulson, the union leader, was a man I would never buy a used car from. The photo was of a glad-hander. They assumed strength was weakness and weakness, strength. (And lost—to a governor who had been heavily rebuked by the voters just a year before.)

And then in a university magazine, a photo of a girl working at a fast food restaurant, and the caption, life’s too important to ask, “would you like fries with that?” The advertisement was trying to convince alumni to donate to scholarship programs. It’s laughable that students would work through college.

The comments on Jezebel are also funny if you dare follow through. About half the posters get that this photo is in Ciara’s favor. It shows a young woman working her way through college. Is this the left’s campaign slogan? Recall Walker because his team understands what it means to work menial jobs to get ahead?

But some of the ones that think the photo is a campaign-buster are very telling. One person even compares working as a waitress to get through college to be as bad (or as good) as needing a thousand dollars of contraceptives every year.

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  1. He was even looking to his left! Though that’s probably reading too much into it.

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