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Democratic National Committee membership scam

Jerry Stratton, August 3, 2016

2016 DNC Membership Renewal Notice: Democratic National Committee “renewal” notice for 2016, despite not being member.; Democrats; scams

The President is angry that I have not signed my pledge to the Democratic National Committee!

Despite having a low opinion of political leadership, especially the Democrats’ leadership, I was still a bit surprised to get a letter from President Obama and Vice President Biden asking me to renew my membership in the Democratic National Committee. This is a classic scam: send a renewal or invoice for something that hasn’t yet been purchased, in the hope that the recipient will think they’ve already made the decision to join/purchase the product.

I have never been a member of either party. I have registered as a Republican voter occasionally in order to vote in their primaries, but I’ve never joined any party. Nor any “National Committee” for any party.

To emphasize our camaraderie, both President Obama and Vice President Biden address me as “fellow democrat”:

Dear Fellow Democrat,

We’ve come a long way in the past seven years. And committed Democrats like you are the ones who made it possible.

I know that as a Democrat, you get it. So I’m counting on you to get your priorities straightened out, quit hangin’ out with hoodlums and sign your commitment to your party!

Well, perhaps he didn’t end it quite that way. It sure sounded like it, though.

President Obama was just as adamant about my current Democratic National Committee membership:

…I’m urging you to renew your DNC membership for 2016 today… [take] a moment right now to renew your DNC membership for 2016 with a generous donation.

So far, I have not received a similar scam from the Republican Party. I get a lot of letters from the Republican National Committee, but they ask me to join and donate, not renew and donate. (And I don’t do that, either.)

Obviously, the Democratic National Committee did not send this mailing to their membership list, or I would not have received it. I haven’t even sent any money to stereotypically leftist organizations (such as the ACLU) for over a decade, and never from this address. They pulled a wider membership list of people they hope will not remember if they are members or not, and scam them into joining.

Or perhaps they’re fishing for a “this person is dead” response, signaling that I’m now both their constituency and a potential vote in November.

In response to Election 2016: Another fine mess you’ve gotten us into.

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