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Prisoner of the war on drugs

Jerry Stratton, January 25, 2007

I don’t know this person, but recently ran across their blog. It may be a story, it may be a lie, or, of course, it may be simply a one-sided view. But it’s also very interesting. It purports to be an account of someone caught in the war on drugs for having done a favor for a friend, when the friend turned out to be a drug dealer.

The blog begins with some advice for other people who don’t think they’ve done something wrong when the cops arrive: no matter how nice they seem, the cops are not your friends. They’re junkies, and what they’re addicted to are arrests.

Now at this point, I admit that anyone who has ever watched an episode of Law and Order would have said, “I’d like to speak to my lawyer”, but this guy was nice. He acted like he was really helping me, going out of his way to come see me before the feds did. PLEASE!! I have kicked myself over and over and over again over this, I don’t need anyone else to tell me how dumb I was. I’m the first to admit that I made a BIG mistake. I lie awake at night regretting this hour of my life more than anything I’ve ever done, but like they say, hindsite is 20/20. At this point I can no long cry over spilled milk what’s done is done, now I have to concentrate on damage control.

What the person “admitted” to was receiving gas money for driving a car a friend had bought over the Internet back to their city. What that meant to the cop and the justice system is that they had been paid for running drugs across state lines.

The war on drugs, like our earlier war on witches, thrives on victims. It isn’t enough to convict someone, the system needs each victim to provide more victims. So with the promise of staying out of prison over the holidays, they get to start looking for more people to turn in, in the hopes of reducing their sentence. If they had actually been a dealer, they would know people to turn in. Because they’re not, they need to re-enter the black market and find some dealers to turn in.

Note that because it’s a blog, it reads backwards. You might want to go to the beginning and read them in chronological order. (There are only two or three pages in it so far.)

“Besides, it’s your word, a junkie, against a cop’s, a public servant. That’s a funny thing to call a cop, a public servant. Try telling one to grab a broom, I bet it wouldn’t come out good. Servant? I wonder who came up with that one.”

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