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But today, I am still just a cowardly world body

Jerry Stratton, February 4, 2012

Draft resolution failed to be adopted

The wording is so clumsy it almost had to be deliberate.

Google News is often especially interesting because it highlights the opening paragraphs and titles of newspaper articles, which are often wildly different from the actual article.

As international anger grows over reports of mass carnage at the hands of the Syrian regime, a UN Security Council draft resolution condemning Syria failed to be adopted Saturday after veto-wielding members…

Where are the editors on this rag? I have a suspicion an editor tacked that opening paragraph on to what is otherwise a reasonably decent article, with, in this case, a reasonably decent title. “Failed to be adopted?” Is the resolution complicit in its own demise here?

Is that what you think, CNN Wire Staff? Really? You know that Saturday morning cartoon you all watched when you were kids that showed how bills became laws? That wasn’t real. There isn’t really an anthropomorphic scroll wandering the halls of the U.N. trying to become a resolution.

CNN, you ignorant sluts.1 It isn’t the “draft resolution” that failed to be adopted today. It was the feckless United Nations that failed to adopt the resolution!

  1. Gratuitous seventies rejoinder to match childish seventies cartoon anthropomorphism. Now get off my lawn!

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  2. Future adults ->