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Vote Nobody in 2008?

Jerry Stratton, January 30, 2008

After Florida, I hear a lot of people saying that in a Clinton-McCain race they’ll be staying home in November in order to send a message that they don’t like their choices.

Folks, staying home doesn’t send a message. Most people stay home anyway. A few more won’t be noticed. If you want to be noticed, and you would otherwise have stayed home because of the choices, vote for a third party or simply hand in a ballot without voting on the Presidential ticket.

If you want to send a message, you have to vote. You have to show that you are someone who votes and that you will vote based on the issues and not on fear. Find someone to vote for and vote for them. If the final tally means that the winner was unable to get a majority, future candidates will take note. When voters show that they’re in play, politicians will look to see what issues swing these voters—because those voters will have shown that they can be swung by supporting their issues. Remember that in a close race, even a few percentage points are important.

If there’s nobody to support in the elections, Vote Nobody.

Update: and if you want to send a message, make sure you send that message. If you aren’t going to vote for one candidate because of their stand on an issue, you need to vote for someone who does not have the same stand.

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