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42 Astoundingly Useful Scripts and Automations for the Macintosh

Work faster and more reliably. Add actions to the services menu and the menu bar, create drag-and-drop apps to make your Macintosh play music, roll dice, and talk. Create ASCII art from photos. There’s a script for that in 42 Astounding Scripts for the Macintosh.

Tracking computer usage

Jerry Stratton, July 1, 1994

I wrote, “We don’t keep track of the popularity of our various Internet computers either.” And, in fact, we didn’t. Now we do, and are even pretending we did.

Ironically, in the month since I wrote that line, the University has hired a new president. As part of her overview of the state of USD, she’s asked for a review of the usage of our computers, and we have nothing to give her. We’re scrambling for old backups that got lost--and thus not recycled; we’re looking for anything that will give us some data. We’ve been reduced to digging through boxes of paperwork gathering dust.

In response to Abyssinian Networks: Automatic calendars, Ethiopian food, and geek profiling. Internet World 1994, Part 2.

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