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Go paperless or we’ll kill a tree

Jerry Stratton, November 28, 2009

Paperless statements: To prove how important it is to go paperless, we’re writing this message on a big blank sheet of paper.

There are a couple of places where I remain a Luddite. I still buy my music on CDs, and even vinyl, though I only listen to it via iTunes. When I play fantasy role-playing games, I use a pencil, paper, and dice. I prefer to write books and store personal data on my personal computer instead of in “the cloud”. And I still prefer to get paper bills1.

So I normally ignore the exhortations to go paperless and save trees unless it involves significant savings. Perhaps that’s why my credit card company has chosen, in my last two bills, to highlight their plea to go paperless by making it the only “important news” item on an otherwise blank sheet.

I notice that the paperless plea only says “paperless statements are a great way to stay organized”. So presumably they don’t care about whether it saves paper. But it would be a nice gesture to add a conditional “if this one item about going paperless is the only reason to print an entire page, don’t bother.” If paper (and postage) are still cheaper than one “if” statement… well, if you don’t care, why should I?

  1. I’d prefer to get no bills, but that isn’t a possibility. Not if I want a cell phone and a high-speed Internet connection.

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