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Lincoln Freed Me

Jerry Stratton, April 21, 2012

Lincoln and Me: The 2005 Lincoln Town Car Signature Limited.; Jerry Stratton; Town Car

25 miles per gallon highway… except in Texas.

I’m going to have more to say about cross-country driving and buying a used car later. But iowahawk’s Earth Week Cruise-In is an earth week worth supporting, so I thought I’d get my boat into the dock, so to speak. At 25 miles per gallon highway a 2005 Lincoln Town Car Signature Limited may not qualify. But I make up for it by driving to Texas and back on a regular basis, so I’m hoping to squeak by.

The video here is an August 2011 trip from San Diego to Dallas to Georgetown, Louisiana, and back through Sylvan Beach, San Antonio, and Austin, back up to Dallas, and then back to San Diego by way of Las Cruces. It was 4,433.3 miles and used 196.0 gallons of gas. At the time I thought gas was ridiculously expensive at an average of $3.577 per gallon. The high was $3.90 in San Diego, and the low was $3.34 in Eloy, Arizona. Coming back from the record shop today, gas was $4.49 here, almost a dollar higher.

Texas is big. From San Diego to Austin is a two-day drive. The first day I go from California through Arizona and almost all the way through New Mexico—Las Cruces, which is at the border of New Mexico and Texas. The second day is only an hour less—and it’s Texas all the way. I love those Texas speed limits. The bbq is pretty damn good, too.

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