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You can’t handle the truth

Jerry Stratton, November 4, 2012

Warren Lewis revealed the source of wisdom today: Pittsburgh.

At two o’clock in the morning in a bar in Pittsburgh in a place you’re never going to be again, a guy puts his arm around your shoulders and tells you the truth.

Tess Gerritsen revealed the secret of being an author during the keynote at lunch:

As authors we race headlong into conflict. We take a bad situation and make it worse.

We race headlong into conflict. What everyone else is fleeing, we must embrace, if we want to be true to our craft.

Image for Writing secrets

Rushing headlong into trouble, from the back of the room with shaking hands.

In response to La Jolla Writers Conference 2012: My last year for a while, because I don’t like going to writers conferences over and over. I’d rather write.

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