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A Fish Dinner in Memison

Jerry Stratton, April 14, 2006

I’ve just finished reading A Fish Dinner in Memison. This is the third book in the Worm Ouroboros series by E. R. Eddison. It is as fascinating as the other two, and more related to Mistress of Mistresses than to The Worm Ouroboros.

Memison both begins and ends the trilogy. It stars the character we first met in The Worm Ouroboros (and who we forget after the first few chapters), and more clearly explains the connection between “our” world and the world of Zimiamvia.

If you enjoyed Mistress of Mistresses more than The Worm Ouroboros, you will definitely enjoy A Fish Dinner in Memison. Otherwise, I think you’ll still find it fascinating. This is a very different fantasy.

In response to Mistress of Mistresses: I have just finished reading “Mistress of Mistresses”, technically the second volume in E.R. Eddison’s Ouroboros trilogy. This is an incredible work. The further along I read, the more I needed to finish it. Eddison’s fantasy sweeps from strange to romantic, war to love, in a high-fantasy style that is both wordy and readable.