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Smashwords Post-Christmas Sale

Jerry Stratton, December 26, 2020

From now through the rest of the year, you can get the Astounding Scripts e-book and the Dream of Poor Bazin ebook from Smashwords at 75% off as part of their end-of-year sale. Use discount code SEY75.

If, like me, your best memories of Christmas morning are building things with your new toys, then 42 Astounding Scripts will awaken your Spirit of Christmas Code. It’s filled with command-line programming toys for your Macintosh, from creating ASCII art using your own photographs, to creating great music or even playing your music files backward.

If, on the other hand, your best memories are of losing yourself in a grand, swashbuckling adventure, The Dream of Poor Bazin is just what the Dumas ordered. Join young, provincial journalist Stephen Price Blair as he learns the trade in Washington, DC and exposes conspiracy, hate, and murder in the land beyond the Potomac.

While the discount code (SEY75) is specifically for Smashwords, both of these books are also available in print, and, most likely, your favorite ebookstore wherever it is.

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