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Suicide Squad complete run!

Jerry Stratton, July 12, 2012

I just told the dealer I’m not looking for any Action. I’m not sure he heard the capitalization. But I did manage to finally complete my collection of Ostrander’s Suicide Squad. It was a fun series and it’ll be nice to have the complete story. Got the last issue of Sandman I needed, too. Most of the early ones I have via trade paperbacks, but I’ve been hoping to avoid picking up the TPB that includes issue 59 just to get that one issue. Finally found it 4 for $10.

I don’t think I’ll ever complete my 120-era X-Men, they’re still too expensive. And holy crap I hope the Neil Gaiman Miracle Man run becomes available as a TPB. They’re running even higher than X-Men (as they should).

Well, thank you Amazon, it appears there used to be one, and it’s running in the hundreds of dollars, too.

As an aside, they should get MTV to do WiFi next year as well. It has been 100% reliable for me so far.

photo for Suicide Sandman!

Also completed the Ann Nocenti/Don Perlin Beauty and the Beast four-issue limited series from 1985. Not exactly a collector’s item but they were both fave characters for me back in the day and I have been missing the final fourth issue. Now the story can be told!

In response to Welcome to Comic-Con 2012!: Everything changes, and Comic-Con is no exception. It’s Wednesday night and I’m down in Mission Valley at the Town & Country picking up my badge for 2012, rather than in The Field eating an Irish breakfast. But this year I don’t have a preview night badge and last year they stopped serving the breakfast during the con.

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