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Comic-Con: The Line’s the Thing

Jerry Stratton, July 12, 2012

Outside of 26AB, the Comics Art Conference room, the Whedonverse fans were forming a line. There’s never a line for CAC. They were just forming one out of habit. I walked right in1 and they followed.

I got a taste of what they are used to waiting to get in on the Edgar Rice Burroughs panel of all things. Good to see that Mark Evanier is still such a draw. While waiting in line the con rep started making up new rules, asking everyone not in line for Tarzan to step to the back of the line.

I’m pretty sure some people waiting for John Carter stepped back, and I’m hoping they were Disney executives. Since the next panel also features Mark Evanier, I’m guessing no one intelligent said they weren’t in line for Tarzan.

I actually had to wait in two lines for ERB. The photo shows us waiting in line to get past the line for room 6AB. That line went out the hallway, probably fifteen or so people wide. Ahead and to my left I saw Mark continually wiping his brow as the 6AB line went on for a minute, two minutes, and well after Mark’s panel started.

photo for Comic-Con lines

Lines cross at Comic-Con. Look to the left to see Mark Evanier sweating because he’s late for a panel.

In response to Welcome to Comic-Con 2012!: Everything changes, and Comic-Con is no exception. It’s Wednesday night and I’m down in Mission Valley at the Town & Country picking up my badge for 2012, rather than in The Field eating an Irish breakfast. But this year I don’t have a preview night badge and last year they stopped serving the breakfast during the con.

  1. After asking the con representative at the door.

  1. Suicide Sandman! ->