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The Ship of Ishtar

Jerry Stratton, October 27, 2011

“A tendril of the strange fragrance spiralled up from the great stone block. Kenton felt it caress his face like a coaxing hand.

‘He had been aware of that fragrance—an alien perfume, subtly troubling, evocative of fleeting unfamiliar images, of thought-wisps that were gone before the mind could grasp them—ever since he had unsheathed from its coverings the thing Forsyth, the old archaeologist, had sent him from the sand shrouds of ages-dead Babylon.”

Yes, I bought my first book in the dealer’s room a few minutes ago. Merritt is on the AD&D reading list, although The Ship of Ishtar is not. The dealer waxed rhapsodic about Merritt’s other books, especially Seven Footprints to Satan, which is definitely a great title.

In response to World Fantasy Convention 2011, San Diego: I’m not sure if I’m at the World Fantasy Convention or the World Yarning Convention. Three of four people around me are doing things with yarn.

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