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Health insurance reform? What health insurance reform?

Jerry Stratton, July 13, 2017

I recently received a “Truth About Republicans Survey” which asks me a whole bunch of questions about topics the National Republican Congressional Committee thinks are important. And then it asks me for money, of course. Which they are not going to get because one very important issue is missing:

Truth About Republicans Survey July 2017

Where in this survey is a question about restoring our ability to purchase health insurance? The closest is question 14, which, given how they literally left out any question about their number one promise over the last seven years, I’m surprised they included.

In good news, the Senate today added the Cruz-Lee Consumer Freedom Option to the Senate version of the repeal. Given the intransigence of Republicans on living up to their past promises, this may be the best option to reduce the cost of health insurance and health care after the ACA caused them to skyrocket.

Consumer Freedom Option Update: Or not.

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