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Beltway establishment goes full Panem on Trumps

Jerry Stratton, February 15, 2017

Ivanka Trump and son Theodore: Ivanka Trump and her son, Theodore James Kushner, in the White House while Ivanka takes a call.; White House; Ivanka Trump

According to the left, this photo of Ivanka Trump and her son is “making a mockery of women”, and so justifies the attacks on her and her family.

I have not enjoyed becoming a Trump defender. But on Tuesday nights when I choose what to write about for Wednesday, the most important issue that isn’t being (to my mind) addressed well in the establishment press is usually one that favors Trump, because the left and the press are so much in lockstep today that they’re either not thinking about the consequences of what they’re asking for, or they’re actively looking to turn Washington DC into a real-world Capitol of Panem.

So when Donald Trump chose to call out Nordstrom on Twitter for dropping his daughter’s business from their stores, and Kellyanne Conway plugged Ivanka Trump’s brand, I thought this might be a chance to change that. I don’t even agree with many of Ivanka Trump’s influence on her father: she seems to be an advocate of government interference.

But what I immediately noticed is that the establishment media’s articles don’t really talk about the ethics of Trump’s reactions to the left’s attacks on his daughter. The headlines read “ethics violation” but the articles are all about the fine points of legal landmines. Or, worse, just accusations being thrown by the establishment left, but presented as if they were non-partisan.

Ethics are often about situations. What may be unethical in one situation isn’t in response to another. Self-defense, for example, is not unethical, even though killing is. And the media is not examining what led up to these statements by Donald Trump and Kellyanne Conway defending Trump’s daughter.

If the left weren’t dead-set on making everything political and every opponent worth attacking, this would be an easier call to make, and an obvious one. If the left hadn’t been trying to make buying Ivanka Trump’s products a political decision before Trump and Conway made their statements, this would also be an obvious call to make. But they are, through an organized Grab Your Wallet campaign to attack Donald Trump through his family. From harassing his daughter during flight, to harassing stores, such as Nordstrom’s, into dropping her business’s products, the left has chosen to politicize not just the President, but the President’s family.

Not only are they trying to keep business owners like Donald Trump out of politics by forcing them to give up the family business, they’re trying to force the families of business owners to also give up their own businesses. The purpose seems to be less about ethics than about maintaining the political class by discouraging non-politicians from temporarily going into politics.

As I wrote earlier, the founders did not think people should give up their family business to go into politics, because they expected political service to be temporary. Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison didn’t give up their businesses to go into politics. They gave up politics and returned to their businesses.

The left has specifically chosen these examples because they’re most effective against non-politicians. They want to keep non-politicians out of politics by threatening the families of non-politicians. When the non-politician responds to defend their family member, the left cries “ethics violation”.

But the ethics violation was turning politics into a full-time profession in the first place—and worse, one that’s expected to be hereditary. A hypothetical President Clinton wouldn’t have to worry about these tactics; her daughter’s business is politics, running the Clinton Foundation. The same is true throughout the political establishment: family members are groomed to also go into politics.

Trump broke the beltway’s class ceiling, and the election of Trump has caused the establishment left to go full Panem: no one should be allowed into the Capitol except the establishment and their hand-picked courtiers. Everyone else will be attacked, their families will be attacked, and their friends will be attacked.

We don’t need to make it harder for non-politicians to go into politics, we need to make it harder for politician to become a hereditary class.

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