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The Church of Man

Jerry Stratton, December 9, 2008

Back in the early 1500s, astronomers had a real problem calculating the location of the planets and the sun. The religion of the time required that planets and sun orbit the earth, and so astronomers used horrendously complicated calculations to do their work. Astronomers knew from the time of the ancient Greeks that planetary motion made a lot more sense if they made the assumption that the earth and the planets rotated around the sun instead. The numbers were off a bit, but that was because their religious belief was that the heavens were perfect, and objects could only move in perfect circles. Orbits are more of an ellipse. But even without knowing that, planetary movement made a whole lot more sense with the sun at the center rather than the Earth. And if they had overcome their first preconception, the second would have been solved fairly quickly.

That, however, required ignoring their human-centric religion, and so, for the most part, they stuck with their complicated calculations.

Move forward to the early 2000s. It turns out that if you take the current major climate model and remove the human-centric belief in man-made global warming suddenly the climate model becomes both simpler and more accurate. Hat tip to AJStrata.

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