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The crap I get

Jerry Stratton, July 3, 2011

I went on a week-and-a-half vacation a few weeks ago, and when I returned I had twelve pieces of political junk mail; this doesn’t include the membership renewal request from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

  1. A huge package from Dick Armey about FreedomWorks. I thought it was Dick Cheney who had the huge package.
  2. The Drug Policy Alliance newsletter.
  3. Something from SarahPAC about the new Sarah Palin movie (which I’d like to see, but it isn’t yet playing in San Diego).
  4. A Red Crisis Update from Tom Brokaw.
  5. Something from a guy named “Romney” who wants to run for president. Dude better get in the race soon if he wants to win.
  6. Something from Compassion & Choices with a fake yellow delivery information box on the front made to look like a sticker.
  7. The National Motorists Association legislative drive.
  8. A Financial Freedom Survey from Americans for Limited Government.
  9. An orange notice from the National Rifle Association about AB 144, about the Senate Appropriations Committee meeting on the Monday just before I returned.
  10. An Urgent Warning from Howard Dean on K Street about shadowy proportional Republicans.
  11. Time Sensitive Documents from People For the American Way.
  12. A Sealed Survey to be opened by addressee only from the American Civil Liberties Union. “Do you believe government should tell you what to believe, how to live, and whom to love?” They’re making it sound like they’ve finally comprehended the dangers of government-run schools.

I was gone for thirteen days—only eleven of which were postal days—and received more than one political mailing per day. I’m not even sure why it was there on Tuesday when I returned, I told the Post Office to hold my mail, and there was a mail hold note in the mailbox. They were supposed to deliver it all on Wednesday.

I’ll go over them and see if there’s anything I feel strongly enough to write about even though they’re outdated and I’m already getting new junk in. I just thought I should catalog them to keep the Mimsy Election Mailbox complete.

In response to Mimsy Election Mailbag: Let’s see which politicians prefer the post office to the Internet, and what they say when they do.

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