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Eddie Doucette’s “Home Cooking” episode guide

Jerry Stratton, February 1, 2023

While searching for an episode of Eddie Doucette’s “Home Cooking” 1954-55 television show, I also kept a list of what episodes I found. As you can see, there are a few missing. If you have Chicago-area TV Guides from the missing weeks, scans or photos of the 1:00 PM slot for Monday through Friday will be greatly appreciated!

  • The missing weeks for 1954 are the weeks of September 4, October 23, October 30, November 6, and December 4.
  • The missing weeks for 1955 are the weeks of January 15 and January 22.
Monday, August 30Eddie Doucette returns to his post as mentor, with easily followed recipes. Eddie considers costs as well as glamor, and uses clever touches to meals. Today: Chicken that’s different; peach meringue torte.
Tuesday, August 31Eddie Doucette with easily prepared meals. Today: Ham steak gourmet; green peas Bayou; berry mush.
Wednesday, September 1Pie crust tips; mystery pie.
Thursday, September 2Fillet of sole Jeanine; fruit Carnival.
Friday, September 3Breast of lamb pinwheels; baked meringue spicecake.
Monday, September 13Eddie Doucette prepares “Elmer’s circus cake with carousel frosting.”
Tuesday, September 14Eddie Doucette with baked onions Bordelaise and Lyannaise potatoes.
Wednesday, September 15Eddie Doucette prepares chicken tamale pie as today’s recipe.
Thursday, September 16Eddie Doucette prepares California guest cake; fluffy orange frosting.
Friday, September 17Italian pizza pie is chef Doucette’s treat.
Monday, September 20Eddie Doucette offers recipes for steak strips with soybean sauce, Chinese style, and fluffy rice.
Tuesday, September 21Succotash souffle, deviled tomatoes, Midwest Style, are Eddie Doucette’s offerings.
Wednesday, September 22Eddie Doucette prepares candelabra cake and marshmallow frosting.
Thursday, September 23Lobster curry and Risotta ring are on the Doucette menu today.
Friday, September 24Eddie Doucette prepares sauteed chicken and Bourguignonne.
Monday, September 27Chef Eddie Doucette with pork chops topper; one-meal-casserole.
Tuesday, September 28Eddie Doucette with chocolate angel pie.
Wednesday, September 29No show listed.
Thursday, September 30No show blurb.
Friday, October 1No show listed.
Monday, October 4Chef Eddie Doucette prepares ham loaf with horseradish, scalloped potatoes.
Tuesday, October 5“Apricot Braid.” Eddie Doucette.
Wednesday, October 6Showman-cook Doucette with his specialty, “Bubble and Squeak with Wow Wow Sauce.”
Thursday, October 7Eddie Doucette prepares country style omelet and popovers.
Friday, October 8No show listed.
Monday, October 11Eddie Doucette prepares wine peach pudding pie as today’s treat.
Tuesday, October 12Chef Doucette with a specialty: “red flannel hash,” and popcorn balls. Red flannel hash was a favorite supper of the 1600’s. Ingredients are chopped beef, potatoes and beets, laced with a distinctive sauce.
Wednesday, October 13Eddie suggests “hot sandwiches.”
Thursday, October 14Eddie Doucette prepares whipped cream chiffon cake.
Friday, October 15Eddie Doucette with English Muffins
Monday, October 18Chef Doucette with fireside doughnut puffs and ham banana roll-ups.
Tuesday, October 19Eddie Doucette prepares beef goulash, Hungarian style.
Wednesday, October 20Eddie Doucette prepares a specialty: “cry babies and haystacks.”
Thursday, October 21Chef Eddie Doucette bakes a “Diamond Jubilee Cake.”
Friday, October 22Eddie prepares Lobster Cantonese.
Monday, November 15Chef Doucette prepares Anadama bread.
Tuesday, November 16Eddie Doucette shows how to prepare baked fruited meat loaf.
Wednesday, November 17Eddie’s specialties today are caramel apples and frosted apple dumplings.
Thursday, November 18Chef Eddie Doucette prepares “Mom’s pumpkin pie,” and pecan pumpkin pie.
Friday, November 19“Baked crabmeat canoes” are prepared by Chef Doucette.
Monday, November 22Chef Doucette prepares side dishes of cranberry-apple pie, orange baskets.
Tuesday, November 23Eddie Doucette prepares side dishes of sweet potato surprise and honey chutney.
Wednesday, November 24Chef Doucette shows the actual preparation of the roast turkey and gravy.
Thursday, November 25The preparation of the roast turkey.
Friday, November 26Eddie features Mulligatawny soup and turkey-rice squares with curry gravy.
Monday, November 29Chef Doucette with holiday fruit cake.
Tuesday, November 30Chef Doucette shows how to make carrot souffle, fresh tomato pie.
Wednesday, December 1Eddie Doucette adds “Straub” coffee squares to his menu.
Thursday, December 2Eddie Doucette presents “Botfliere Croute,” for your table.
Friday, December 3Chef Doucette prepares brisket of beef.
Monday, December 13Chef Eddie Doucette whips up some specialties: teen-age baked beans, home style potatoes Chantilly-Moderne.
Tuesday, December 14Chef Doucette with party loaf sandwich.
Wednesday, December 15Christmas feeling in the kitchen with Doucette’s “Tiny Tim Christmas Cakes.”
Thursday, December 16Chef Eddie Doucette says “Start a gingerbread cookie house for Christmas.”
Friday, December 17Eddie Doucette shows how to finish up the gingerbread cookie house.
Monday, December 20Eddie gives tips for preparing the holiday roast goose with celery stuffing and country style cream gravy.
Tuesday, December 21Chef Doucette with holiday gumdrop cookie strips and Christmas fondant.
Wednesday, December 22Chef Doucette prepares a Christmas morning coffee cake.
Thursday, December 23A Christmas treat, “Cookie cut-outs.”
Friday, December 24Chef Eddie Doucette shows how to make a Christmas health loaf.
Monday, December 27“Beefsteak on horseback,” is Chef Doucette’s surprise dish today.
Tuesday, December 28Eddie prepares raisin cinnamon bread.
Wednesday, December 29Schaum torte is the specialty today.
Thursday, December 30Eddie Doucette performs some magic with a buffet salmon mold.
Friday, December 31Today, glazed baked ham in variations.
Monday, January 3No show blurb.
Tuesday, January 4No show blurb.
Wednesday, January 5No show blurb.
Thursday, January 6No show blurb.
Friday, January 7No show blurb.
Monday, January 10Chef Doucette prepares “veal birds.”
Tuesday, January 11Black bean soup and crackling are prepared by Eddie Doucette.
Wednesday, January 12Eddie Doucette prepares a New England Pork pie and cream cheese frosting.
Thursday, January 13Eddie Doucette tells how to make “Southern Fleece, You All, Colcannon.”
Friday, January 14“Merry time coffee cake.”

In response to A home-cooking handful from Eddie Doucette: A glimpse at a long-lost 1954 Chicagoland television cooking show, including recipes. Some of them require creative interpretation.

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