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42 Astoundingly Useful Scripts and Automations for the Macintosh

Work faster and more reliably. Add actions to the services menu and the menu bar, create drag-and-drop apps to make your Macintosh play music, roll dice, and talk. Create ASCII art from photos. There’s a script for that in 42 Astounding Scripts for the Macintosh.

iOS Handwriting calculator that solves equations

Jerry Stratton, March 28, 2014

I can’t remember where I saw this now, but it’s pretty cool. MyScript Calculator is a calculator that takes handwriting instead of using buttons. But what’s really cool is that if you put a question mark into part of the calculation, it will solve that for you.

For example, I often bake things that require a specifically sized square pan, and I don’t have that pan. But I’m guessing that my round pie tin will come pretty close.

So I scrawl this—and it really is a scrawl—putting a question mark where the diameter of the circle goes:

MyScript Calculator scrawl

And then, MyScript Calculator converts it successfully to an equation and solves for the question mark:

MyScript Calculator solution

So if I use a 9-inch diameter pan, it should be pretty close to an 8 by 8 pan.

The calculator is less useful on the iPhone because there just isn’t room to scrawl, but it works great on the iPad. It’s like living in the future.

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