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42 Astoundingly Useful Scripts and Automations for the Macintosh

Work faster and more reliably. Add actions to the services menu and the menu bar, create drag-and-drop apps to make your Macintosh play music, roll dice, and talk. Create ASCII art from photos. There’s a script for that in 42 Astounding Scripts for the Macintosh.

Rip, Mix, Disney?

Jerry Stratton, January 24, 2006

In February of 2002--almost exactly four years ago--Michael Eisner went in front of the United States Senate to complain that customers of Disney’s record labels were actually listening to it. As part of his complaints, he singled out Apple for encouraging piracy through its iTunes music software. He said that Apple’s ad campaign tells buyers “that they can create a theft if they buy this computer.” In other words, he was complaining that Apple advertised that consumers could convert their CDs to MP3s and listen to them on their computer.

Today, you can go to the Hollywood Records web site--Hollywood Records is one of Disney’s labels--and download Lolita in MP3 format, a track from Elefant’s The Black Magic Show.

Today, Michael Eisner is out of Disney, and Steve Jobs--the head of Apple--is in. Jobs will soon be on Disney’s board. He owns 50.6% of Pixar stock, and when the purchase is over, he’ll be, at about 6%, the largest single shareholder of the Walt Disney Company. Eisner, the current largest shareholder, has 1.8%.

Jobs recently sent an e-mail to Apple employees when Apple’s market capitalization exceeded Dell’s, reminding them of Michael Dell’s suggestion in 1997 that Apple should just shut down. If boardmembers get an office at Disney HQ, I suggest that Jobs put “Mix, Rip, Burn” above the doorway. In big old black and bloody letters, ten feet tall.

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