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checkpw failed, trying legacy method

Jerry Stratton, May 19, 2009

We’re still running Tiger for one of our web servers, because we don’t want to bring it down for a few hours. While troubleshooting a problem, I discovered that our error logs were filling up with:

  • Authenticating using checkpw failed, trying legacy method

In and of itself this wasn’t a big deal, but it was obscuring the real errors I was looking for.

A quick search on the error text found a solution for 10.3, and a whole bunch of questions asking how to apply that solution to 10.4. It appears that by default Apple loads a special auth_module that checks the Apple password storage first, and then the file specified by the .htaccess file. The solution was to comment out Apple’s mod_auth and uncomment the stock mod_auth.

But mod_auth was nowhere to be found in httpd.conf on our 10.4 server, and I’d guess everyone else’s.

However, it’s a standard Apache module, and a quick “locate mod_auth” found a mod_auth.so in the right place, so I tried just adding it in to httpd.conf and commenting out the Apple-specific ones:

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  • #LoadModule apple_auth_module      libexec/httpd/mod_auth_apple.so
  • LoadModule auth_module            libexec/httpd/mod_auth.so
  • #AddModule mod_auth_apple.c
  • AddModule mod_auth.c

This worked, and a test of a password-protected directory showed that the error is gone.

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