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feedgenerator potentially improved

Jerry Stratton, February 8, 2011

Hey! I was browsing my referrers today and noticed I was getting hits from Django’s bug tracker. Looks like this hack won’t be necessary to create valid RSS feeds in an unknown version after 1.3.

andreiko’s solution involves adding a new property to a Feed; the feed object will use that property to determine whether the guid provided is a permalink or not.

Here’s the sample:

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  • class Rss(Feed):
    • title = "Chicagocrime.org site news"
    • link = "http://chicagocrime.org/rss/"
    • description = "Updates on changes and additions to chicagocrime.org."
    • guid_is_permalink = False

Looks like a great solution. Once this issue is fixed, I won’t have to hack the Django source when new versions come out—this is the last remaining hack that I use.

In response to Django 1.0 feedgenerator and unique IDs: The new Django now supports unique_id, but still doesn’t check to see if it’s a permalink or not.

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