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JavaScript for Beginners revised

Jerry Stratton, March 1, 2009

I taught my JavaScript class again last week, and I have finally completely revised the JavaScript for Beginners tutorial. The new version is much more focussed, and it provides a resources file that includes some HTML starting points as well as the document graphics. Yes, the new version even has one or two images in it.

The only tutorial that was kept was the image gallery, and it’s been heavily modified. The new version is broken into three sections, designed for use in a short class.

The first tutorial takes a look at intercepting click events so as to treat some links different from other links. Along the way, it takes a look at strings, objects, and events.

The second tutorial creates an image gallery and slide show. It covers finding elements on the page, lists of items, and timers.

The third tutorial looks at controlling forms, and covers required entry, changing entries dynamically, Date objects, and remembering selections via cookies.

If you subscribe to the Mimsy RSS feed, you probably already have the tutorial’s PDF in your feed reader.

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