Marijuana: The New Prohibition

When I was writing The Cartoon Guide to Recreational Drugs I scoured the local libraries and bookstores looking for useful and interesting historical works. Marijuana: The New Prohibition is one of my sources.

The parts I generally took notes from were either about the drugs themselves or the prohibition of drugs. You’ll find the information garnered from these books throughout the Prohibition Politics section of this site. It will also have informed some of my own postings stored in the older Prohibition Politics archive.

If you find this information useful, you will want to search out the books themselves to read the text in context. All of the books here are at least moderately interesting.


John Kaplan, an internationally recognized expert on drug-abuse, “analyzes the medical and social evidence on America’s third most widely-used drug and discusses the case for legalization.”

p. 93

Bureau of Narcotics, 1936 “Marijuana Crimes” list:

It was almost impossible for them [youths addicted to marijuana] to break off the habit when they could still get “tea” so easily, they claimed. “When you try to break off you get jumpy, your hands shake, and you hear the least little noise. A dopey feeling comes when you’re going down, and you get mopey. You get so you smoke a ‘stick’ a day, and you can’t stop.