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The evolution of news to candy

Jerry Stratton, May 19, 2014

Walking through a mall here in Atlantic City, I saw a large newsstand and reflexively veered into it to see what strange and arcane newspapers and magazines they had.

What they had was candy, soda, and snacks. Hidden in the corner of the corner behind the door were a handful of newspapers, I think. I didn’t see them while I was there, and only see the possibility of newspaper now while I’m examining the photo.

I did see the display of novels.

There is a similar newsstand in our hotel, but it’s smaller. It doesn’t have the fiction, or the newspapers. It has a handful of glossy entertainment magazines, and of course candy, soda, and snacks.

At some point in the future, if not now, people are going to start thinking that “news” means candy, soda, and snacks.

And they’ll be right.

photo 1 for News candy: photo 1 for The evolution of news to candy

Where is the news in this newsstand?

photo 2 for News candy: photo 2 for The evolution of news to candy

Is there a news display here, or just fiction?

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