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NBC’s laser talking head removal

Jerry Stratton, November 1, 2007

This one was too ironic not to give a passing mention.

[Maria] Shriver said the media circus surrounding [Anna Nicole] Smith’s accidental drug overdose death last February led to her decision [to leave NBC news].

Embedded within the article, on the NBC San Diego web site, was a photo of a sexy woman in a bikini. And, presumably, no unsightly hairs sticking out from the bikini since it was an ad for laser hair removal. Just in case you might be tempted to think of the ad’s model as a person, they used the laser to remove her head as well.

Maria Shriver leaves media circus

Interesting that a news anchor leaving because of the quality of news coverage was posted in their Entertainment section—I didn’t notice that until just now. I would’ve thought this was actual news.

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