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Only four-year-old policies grandfathered

Jerry Stratton, October 2, 2014

Since October is Health Literacy Month, Aetna posted to Facebook asking “What confuses you?” about health insurance.

Since grandfathering definitely confuses me, I asked “Which policies are grandfathered and which are canceled by the ACA (and why)?” To their credit, they responded privately after asking for my insurance information.

Grandfathered members are only those that had active coverage before March 23, 2010. Anyone after that is considered non-grandfathered and would be subject to any changes mandated by the federal government due to ACA changes. If you have any additional questions please let us know.

So my final guess in the parent post is correct: only policies that are over four years old are going to be grandfathered past 2014. Anyone who purchased health insurance after March 23, 2010, cannot “keep their health insurance if they like it.”

In response to If you like your health insurance, you can go screw yourself: The fix is in. Last year, on December 15, I signed up for non-ACA health insurance after moving to a new state; I’ve just been notified it will end in December. The transitional policy fix appears to only apply to policies in effect as of October 1, 2013.

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