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The Rainbow, Debbie Harry, and Me

Jerry Stratton, January 16, 2007

Wiley Wiggins links to a clip from the Muppet Show that reminds me of just how good that show was, and how disappointing it is that the current DVD release is dropping some of these scenes. Debbie Harry may go out of style, but Debbie Harry singing with a bright green frog? Never!

I remember enjoying the Muppets a lot as a teen-ager—even as a senior in high school. My friends watched it, too, but they didn’t own up to it.

“Hey, Jerry, I saw an advertisement for that college you’re going to on TV last night.”

“Yeah, I saw it too. When was that? Oh, right, during the Muppet Show!”

“You didn’t have to tell everyone.”

Incidentally, despite Wiley’s self-deprecating closing line, you should download his version of The Rainbow Connection, too.

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