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Command-line terminal for iPhone!

Jerry Stratton, August 4, 2007

Mark this one geeks only. Apple hasn’t yet convinced me to buy an iPhone, but assuming Apple doesn’t disable third-party apps, a bunch of hackers have just pushed me a step closer to buying it. They’ve created mobileterminal, a terminal app for the iPhone. It looks like the iPhone not only is Mac OS X, but includes enough of the BSD environment to install command-line apps.

The screenshot shows them using ”ls” and then “screenshot”, presumably to capture the screen they’re showing off. You can download a binary kit that contains, among other things, base64, curl, pico, vim, scp, grep, cron, and ping. One installation method is to scp to your iPhone!

Other apps that can be installed are ssh and python. How far off is Django, something like appscript to control the built-in apps, and scripting incoming call filters?

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