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Twelve cookies on a plate

Jerry Stratton, January 27, 2015

The political elite are always going to tell you that they can pay for their programs by taking someone else’s money. But if you’re in the middle class, you are where the money is; they’re lying if they tell you otherwise. When there are twelve cookies, a CEO, a middle-class worker, and the poor, it will be the middle class who gets shafted, no matter what the “elite” try to tell you on Facebook memes.

Twelve cookies on a plate: There are twelve cookies on a plate. The CEO, who started the bakery, takes two. Her ten employees, who baked the cookies, take one each. A politician says, there are ten poor people out here who also need cookies.”; taxes; memes

“There’s twelve cookies on a plate…”

Of course, the real answer is to get rid of the crazy regulations that keep the baker from hiring more than ten employees. The left likes to think that the pie—or the plate of cookies, in this case—is always the same size, and that everyone taking a cookie is stealing from the poor. Free the baker to hire more employees to bake more cookies, or free the poor to start their own bakery without having to come up with the cash to hire a battery of tax lawyers and employment lawyers, and the supply of cookies will increase.

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