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Jerry Stratton, February 15, 2009

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1941Steven SpielbergMay 28, 19996Buy it!
The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the DesertStephan ElliotJune 22, 19998Buy it!
The Adventures of Sherlock HolmesPaul AnnettOctober 8, 20007Buy it!
AlienRidley ScottJune 26, 19997Buy it!
All the President’s MenAlan J. PakulaJuly 18, 20098Buy it!
Almost ElvisJohn PagetAugust 29, 20027Buy it!
Almost FamousCameron CroweJanuary 15, 20029Buy it!
Altered StatesKen RussellMarch 31, 20015Buy it!
AmadeusMilos FormanAugust 5, 20005Buy it!
Animal HouseJohn LandisOctober 18, 19998Buy it!
The ApostleRobert DuvallAugust 15, 20008Buy it!
Army of DarknessSam RaimiJuly 28, 20004Buy it!
BeetlejuiceTim BurtonMay 24, 19997Buy it!
Being ThereHal AshbyApril 13, 20016Buy it!
The Bicycle ThiefVittorio de SicaJuly 28, 19997Buy it!
Birth of a NationD. W. GriffithMay 24, 19996Buy it!
BladeStephen NorringtonApril 4, 20018Buy it!
The Blues BrothersJohn LandisOctober 26, 19998Buy it!
Boogie NightsPaul Thomas AndersonSeptember 24, 20007Buy it!
The Brother From Another PlanetJohn SaylesNovember 30, 20116Buy it!
Bullets Over BroadwayWoody AllenMay 24, 19996Buy it!
BulworthWarren BeattyOctober 27, 19996Buy it!
CabaretBob FosseNovember 14, 19997Buy it!
Capricorn OnePeter HyamsNovember 23, 20005Buy it!
Carnival of SoulsHerk HarveyMay 31, 20099Buy it!
CasablancaMichael CurtizMay 29, 19998Buy it!
Chinese BoxWayne WangDecember 19, 19995Buy it!
Cinema ParadisoGuiseppe TornatoreMarch 11, 20007Buy it!
City of Lost ChildrenJean-Pierre JeunetOctober 22, 19997Buy it!
ClerksView Askew ProductionsSeptember 9, 19996Buy it!
The Complete Superman CollectionDave FleischerAugust 6, 20005Buy it!
Dark CityAlex ProyasSeptember 21, 19996Buy it!
Dark StarJohn CarpenterAugust 30, 19995Buy it!
Dazed and ConfusedRichard LinklaterMay 26, 19997Buy it!
Dead By DawnSam RaimiSeptember 16, 20008Buy it!
Detroit Rock CityAdam RifkinMarch 31, 20019Buy it!
DickAndrew FlemingFebruary 10, 20005Buy it!
The Dresden FilesFebruary 7, 20106Buy it!
Edward ScissorhandsTim BurtonOctober 4, 20006Buy it!
The Evil DeadSam RaimiJuly 24, 20007Buy it!
ExcaliburJohn BoormanNovember 8, 19997Buy it!
Fahrenheit 451François TruffautJuly 11, 19996Buy it!
Fear and Loathing in Las VegasTerry GilliamMay 24, 19999Buy it!
Ferris Bueller’s Day OffJohn HughesOctober 31, 19997Buy it!
Flash GordonMike HodgesAugust 20, 20006Buy it!
GhostbustersIvan ReitmanJuly 10, 19997Buy it!
Going My Way/Holiday InnLeo McCareyNovember 14, 19996Buy it!
Gray’s AnatomySteven SoderberghJuly 25, 19995Buy it!
Groundhog DayHarold RamisAugust 8, 19998Buy it!
HairMilos FormanMay 24, 19997Buy it!
HalloweenJohn CarpenterOctober 12, 19998Buy it!
Heavy MetalGerald PottertonNovember 20, 19996Buy it!
HighlanderRussell MulcahyMay 10, 20004Buy it!
The HobbitJules BassMarch 29, 20093Buy it!
HookSteven SpielbergMay 28, 20006Buy it!
How the Grinch Stole ChristmasChuck JonesOctober 13, 19997Buy it!
Inspector GadgetDavid KelloggJuly 30, 1999NoneBuy it!
Jesus Christ SuperstarNorman JewisonOctober 28, 19995Buy it!
Kentucky Fried MovieJohn LandisJuly 2, 20006Buy it!
King of HeartsPhilippe de BrocaMay 1, 20016Buy it!
L.A. StoryMick JacksonMay 28, 19997Buy it!
LadyhawkeRichard DonnerMay 13, 20006Buy it!
Land of the LostBob LallyJuly 29, 20005Buy it!
The Last DragonMichael SchultzNovember 25, 20116Buy it!
The Life of BrianTerry JonesJune 7, 19995Buy it!
MallratsView Askew ProductionsAugust 17, 20008Buy it!
The Man Who Fell to EarthNicolas RoegJune 7, 19995Buy it!
The MatrixAndy WachowskiOctober 15, 19998Buy it!
Men in BlackBarry SonnenfeldSeptember 28, 20006Buy it!
The MummyStephen SommersMay 5, 20016Buy it!
The Music ManMorton DacostaMay 24, 19994Buy it!
My Blue HeavenHerbert RossJuly 11, 19994Buy it!
The Neon BibleTerence DaviesFebruary 5, 20005Buy it!
The Night StalkerJohn Llewellyn MoxeyMarch 22, 20006Buy it!
A Nightmare on Elm StreetWes CravenOctober 31, 19997Buy it!
North Dallas FortyTed KotcheffFebruary 28, 20095Buy it!
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s NestMilos FormanJanuary 19, 20016Buy it!
OrlandoSally PotterDecember 23, 19994Buy it!
PeckerJohn WatersMay 24, 19997Buy it!
The Philadelphia StoryGeorge CukorOctober 8, 19998Buy it!
PiDarren AronofskyMarch 23, 20097Buy it!
The PlayerRobert AltmanMay 24, 19993Buy it!
PleasantvilleGary RossJune 19, 19998Buy it!
The Quiet ManJohn FordSeptember 30, 19992Buy it!
Remington SteeleJune 17, 20107Buy it!
The Road WarriorGeorge MillerMay 24, 19997Buy it!
The Rocky Horror Picture ShowJim SharmanOctober 14, 20007Buy it!
The Ruling ClassPeter MedakOctober 24, 20028Buy it!
Salem’s LotTobe HooperApril 2, 20015Buy it!
Scooby Doo’s Original MysteriesJoseph BarberaMarch 11, 20005Buy it!
ScreamWes CravenApril 11, 20007Buy it!
Scream 2Wes CravenApril 11, 20005Buy it!
The Seven SamuraiAkira KurosawaApril 22, 20016Buy it!
ShaftGordon ParksAugust 7, 20004Buy it!
The Shawshank RedemptionFrank DarabontJanuary 21, 20015Buy it!
Silent RunningDouglas TrumbullMay 24, 19995Buy it!
Retro Review: Small SoldiersJoe DanteDecember 13, 2016NoneBuy it!
Something WildJonathan DemmeAugust 8, 20096Buy it!
The Sound of MusicRobert WiseSeptember 17, 20006Buy it!
South Park Volume 1 through 6Trey ParkerDecember 12, 19996Buy it!
South Park: Bigger, Longer and UncutTrey ParkerNovember 20, 19995Buy it!
The Spanish PrisonerDavid MametJune 7, 19996Buy it!
A Star is BornGeorge CukorOctober 9, 20009Buy it!
Superman IIRichard LesterMarch 19, 20105Buy it!
Superman: The MovieRichard DonnerDecember 30, 20095Buy it!
TampopoJuzo ItamiOctober 12, 19997Buy it!
Thelma & LouiseRidley ScottNovember 4, 20015Buy it!
This is Spinal TapRob ReinerOctober 8, 20008Buy it!
The Tin DrumVolker SchlöndorffMay 24, 19996Buy it!
Tokyo DrifterSeijun SuzukiMay 21, 20015Buy it!
Total MovieOctober 29, 20006
U.S. MarshalsStuart BairdApril 14, 20015Buy it!
UnderdogWalter LantzOctober 1, 20006Buy it!
The Usual SuspectsBrian SingerOctober 10, 20006Buy it!
Wag the DogBarry LevinsonJune 11, 20007Buy it!
Wallace & GromitNick ParksOctober 19, 19996Buy it!
The WaterboyFrank CoraciJuly 23, 19993Buy it!
The Wizard of OzVictor FlemingNovember 27, 19999Buy it!
Yellow SubmarineGeorge DunningOctober 17, 19997Buy it!
Yes Minister: The Complete CollectionJuly 5, 20126Buy it!
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